LOTTE Choco Pie, Dreamy Pie, Custard Cream Cake and Strawberry Pie


Time for something a little different today. These are the popular and delicious, but sometimes difficult to find, LOTTE Choco Pies. I’ve got a few varieties of these up for sale on eBay now (links at the bottom of the article). The famous red box above contains six of the original Choco Pies. These 28g biscuits are a little smaller than Wagon Wheels in diameter (the biscuits, that is, not an actual wagon wheel), but a lot thicker. They’re a delicious marshmallow goo sandwiched between two biscuit slices, all coated in milk chocolate – delectable! I’d recommend following the box’s advice and “Fill[ing] your mouth with a pleasure of rich chocolate flavour everyday”!


These ones are the rarer and fancier Dreamy Pies, and the biggest box I have on sale. You’ll get twelve of these amazing double-chocolate-coated soft chocolate-flavour cakes, again featuring that tasty marshmallow filling. They’re a bit heavier than the Choco Pies at 33g each, as each one has five grams more flavour packed in!


On the more unusual side of things I have these “Happy Promise” Custard Cream Cakes. If you’re not such a big fan of chocolate, or simply like more traditional flavours, these might be the cakes for you! These soft sponge cakes with a custard cream filing are lighter and fluffier than the ones above at just 23g each, and the box contains six of them.


Finally I have a box of six Strawberry Pies. These are two layers of soft, sugar-dusted sponge cake sandwiching a layer of cream and strawberry and raspberry jam. At 27.5g each these are about as hefty as the normal Choco Pies, but obviously feature a totally different taste experience. If you like fruity flavours then these cakes will suit you!

Check out my listings on eBay, and maybe buy one!

Choco Pie:

Dreamy Pie:

Custard Cream Cake:

Strawberry Pie:

And check out my other items here!


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