Marvel Avengers Kinder Egg Toys

I’m sure many of you remember the joy of cracking open a delicious Kinder Surprise egg to get at the toy inside and assembling your own golf-playing crocodile or hippo-on-a-bike. Recently, there have been a lot of licensed toy lines coming out of these eggs, and the best among them are surely these Marvel-Avengers-themed, large-headed, battling phone/bag charms:


These cute little superheroes and villains can engage in glorious combat, just like in the movies! Simply crack open their heads like so…


…and then stick them together…


…and twist their tubby little bodies around to perform a fun simulacrum of the battles of the big screen! Did Loki and Green Goblin ever fight like they’re doing above? I don’t know but THEY CAN NOW!

Separate them to reveal the winner – whoever’s chosen hero or villain has the higher number displayed in the bottom-right quadrant of their head is the victor!


I collected quite a few of these 1.5-inch plastic toys while they were available, but unfortunately they have now been replaced with Kinder’s more standard hippo-on-bike fare. These will be going up for sale on eBay soon, so watch this space for more information!


In the meantime, check out my other items for sale here!


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