Bobballs White Tiger Toy by Keel Toys

Hello, toy aficionados!

This is a Bobballs White Tiger Toy by Keel Toys. I had the good fortune to pick up a lot of these adorable 10 cm beanie toys from Clinton Cards at a good price as they were dropping them for the Disney Tsums which seem to be a craze right now.



They are good quality with soft fabric and would make great presents for anyone ages 1 and up who likes cute plushies and quality beanies. There a lot of different animals in the set but this White Tiger is a more unusual animal from cats and dogs and one of my particular favourites.

I’m selling it on Ebay along with several others of its kind, including regular orange tigers, cats, dogs, a seal and something that is apparently a raccoon. If you collect things like this then please check it out. Postage is free for anyone in the UK, international postage costs sadly.

Do you collect soft toys, plushies or beanies? What are you collecting just now? What do you think of the Keel Toys Bobball range? And how cute is this little fella?

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Thanks for your time!

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